Our company takes great pride in knowing that we have developed a highly skilled team of dedicated individuals that can handle any residential, commercial, or industrial electrical application


How can we serve your interests? 


  • Power and control wiring

  • Switchgear and transformer installation

  • Breaker panels

  • Emergency generators

  • Conduit and cable tray

  • High/low bay, LED lighting

Empty Factory


  • Site lighting and LED upgrades

  • UPS and on-site stand-by power generators 

  • Office environment lighting and power

  • HVAC equipment

  • 24/7 Emergency service  

Electrical Inspectors


  • Electrical panel upgrades and renovations

  • New home complete wiring

  • Smoke detectors 

  • Recessed lighting

  • Arc-fault breakers 

  • Landscape lighting 

  • Back-up generators 

Electrical Work

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The Byrd Legacy

What began in 1959 when KC Byrd first set up shop on Court Street in Marion as a residential electrical service company, has endured the test of time and become a household name for electric services in McDowell County and beyond. 

The Byrd Legacy has continued strong into a second generation as a family owned and operated business with a core team of licensed and bonded electricians capable of tackling everything from industrial switchboards to typical residential lighting. 

As time has past our company has proven its commitment to leading the charge on new technology. We were among the first to provide solar services in Western North Carolina, now with over 12 years of experience.   



From large commercial rooftop PV  to smaller residential ground mounts, to battery storage systems, we offer a range of services to provide you with secure, onsite solar power, built to last for decades. 


 - system size up to 100 kW

 - metal, asphalt, membrane

 - ground-mounted systems 


 - system size up to 25 kW

 - primary roofs and outbuildings

 - metal and asphalt shingle

 - ground-mounted systems 

Power Storage

 - Sonnen Intelligent Energy Storage

 - off-grid solutions 

 - lithium ion / lead acid

 - 10yr / 10,000 cycle warranty

Contact us to find out if your home or business would qualify for North Carolina solar rebates and tax incentives